Pickleball Players

Here, we will highlight some of the top players in the world of pickleball. Get ready to find information on the most influential and skilled players in the Pickleball game, as well as their videos and strategies. This section is designed for pickleball enthusiasts who want to stay up-to-date on the latest trends and techniques in the sport and learn from the best players in the game.

Joe Baker Pickleball Player | Videos and Strategy

Joe Baker is a retired pickleball player and instructor who has gained popularity for his videos and books on doubles pickleball strategy. He teaches how to play smart pickleball by controlling the net and using effective shot selection. He also demonstrates his strategy with diagrams and clips of real tournament play. In this article titled … Read more

Riley Newman Pickleball Player | Videos and Strategy

Riley Newman is one of the most outstanding and talented pickleball players in the world today. Do you know? He is currently ranked No. 1 in mixed doubles and No. 2 in men’s doubles. As a professional Pickleball player, I have had the privilege of watching Riley play and learning from his techniques and strategies. … Read more