Pickleball Drills for Two: Pickleball Precision

Pickleball is a fast-paced and exciting racquet sport that combines elements of tennis, badminton, and ping pong. It can be played in singles or doubles format, but in this article, we will focus on pickleball drills specifically designed for two players. These Pickleball Drills for Two aim to improve your skills, agility, coordination, and teamwork on the court. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced player, these Pickleball Drills for Two will help you elevate your game and have fun while doing it.

Pickleball Drills for Two

1. Warm-Up Rally

The first Pickleball Drills for Two is a warm-up rally where both players stand on the same side of the court and hit the ball to each other in a gentle, controlled manner. Start with soft shots and gradually increase the pace as you get more comfortable. Focus on maintaining a consistent rhythm and accurate ball placement. This drill is perfect for warming up your muscles and getting into the pickleball groove.

2. Cross-Court Dinking

In this drill, players start on opposite sides of the net. One player initiates the rally by softly hitting the ball cross-court to the other player, who responds with a gentle dink shot. Both players continue to dink the ball back and forth, practicing control and placement. The goal is to keep the ball low over the net, making it difficult for the opponent to attack. This drill is excellent for improving your touch, finesse, and patience.

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3. Third Shot Drop and Lob

Another effective drill for two players is the third shot drop and lob drill. One player starts by hitting a deep serve, allowing the other player to return with a third shot drop close to the net. The player who hit the third shot practices their lob technique by hitting a high arcing shot over the opponent’s head. The goal is to place the lob accurately and force the other player to move quickly to retrieve it. This drill enhances your ability to vary your shots and create strategic opportunities during a match.

4. Net Battle

The net battle drill is all about quick reflexes and agility. Both players stand at the non-volley zone line (kitchen line) and begin hitting the ball back and forth, keeping it as close to the net as possible. The objective is to maintain control and not let the ball bounce. This drill helps to improve your net play, anticipatory skills, and hand-eye coordination.

Drills for two pickleball players

5. Groundstroke Rally

For this drill, both players stand at the baseline and hit ground strokes to each other. Focus on using proper footwork, stroke technique, and hitting the ball with consistency. Increase the pace gradually and challenge each other with angled shots and deep returns. This drill enhances your baseline shots and helps you become more comfortable with hitting from a distance.


These pickleball drills for two are designed to enhance your skills, develop effective teamwork, and have an enjoyable time on the court. Remember to start with a warm-up rally to gently prepare your muscles. Then progress to cross-court dinking, third shot drop and lob, net battle, and groundstroke rally. Each Pickleball Drills for Two targets specific aspects of the game and collectively contribute to your overall improvement.

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By incorporating these drills into your practice routine, you’ll see noticeable progress in your pickleball abilities, and you’ll be better prepared for competitive matches. So grab a partner and hit the court to begin improving your game today!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Q: What are some good warm-up Pickleball Drills for Two?

A: Some effective warm-up drills for two players include playing mini-games like “Keep It Up” (where players try to keep the ball in the air as long as possible without letting it touch the ground) or “Control Drill” (where players focus on hitting controlled shots back and forth). These drills help loosen up muscles, improve coordination, and get players ready for the game.

2. Q: What are some advanced drills to improve shot placement and strategy in doubles pickleball?

A: To enhance shot placement and strategy in doubles pickleball, try practicing “Cross-Court Dinks” (alternatively hitting low, soft shots diagonally across the net), “Middle Attack Drill” (aiming shots towards the middle of the court to create confusion between the opponents), or “Third Shot Drop and Reset” (focusing on hitting soft, low shots to force opponents into making errors). These drills promote better control and tactical decision-making during competitive play.

3. Q: Are there any drills specifically designed to improve communication and teamwork between two players in doubles pickleball?

A: Absolutely! Teamwork drills play a crucial role in improving communication on the court. “Switch-It-Up Drill” (where players switch sides after each shot to practice adapting and coordinating movements) and “Calling Drill” (players call out the intended shot before hitting it to enhance communication) are excellent options. These drills help players synchronize their movements and ensure effective communication during the game.

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4. Q: Can you recommend any drills for improving quick reaction times and reflexes in pickleball?

A: Certainly! “Smash Defense Drill” (where one player continuously smashes while the other works on returning the shots) is beneficial for improving quick reflexes and reaction times. Another great drill is “Random Ball Placement” (where one player hits balls randomly to various spots on the court, forcing the other player to react quickly). These drills enhance agility, hand-eye coordination, and overall responsiveness during fast-paced rallies.

5. Q: Are there any fun and competitive drills for two players in pickleball?

A: Absolutely! “King of the Court” (where two players compete against each other to win points and the winner stays on to face new challengers) is a popular and competitive drill. “Target Practice” (where players take turns hitting the ball at specific targets or zones on the court) is also a fun and challenging way to sharpen accuracy. These drills make practice sessions more exciting while improving skills and fostering healthy competition.