Pickleball Courts Los Angeles: Serving Up Fun in the City

Pickleball is a rapidly growing sport that combines elements of tennis, badminton, and table tennis. It is played on a smaller court with a solid paddle and a plastic ball with holes. Pickleball has gained popularity in Los Angeles due to its inclusive nature and suitability for all age groups. In this blog post, we will explore some of the best pickleball courts Los Angeles where enthusiasts can enjoy this exciting sport.

Top Options for Pickleball Courts Los Angeles

Westchester Tennis Center (LA Tennis)

Nestled at 7000 W. Manchester Ave., Westchester, CA 90045, the Westchester Tennis Center, also known as LA Tennis, stands as a premier destination for pickleball enthusiasts in Los Angeles. Boasting 8 outdoor concrete courts with permanent lines and portable nets, this facility ensures a top-notch playing experience.

Westchester Tennis Center (LA Tennis) Is One Of The Location For Pickleball Courts Los Angeles

In terms of amenities, Westchester Tennis Center offers lights, restrooms, water facilities, and the option for trainers or lessons. While a one-time fee is required for play, they also provide open play sessions for $7. The center is well-equipped with a fully staffed coach on-site and offers loaner equipment.

For those keen on planning their pickleball sessions, the facility maintains a comprehensive schedule available on its website. Whether you’re a seasoned player or just starting, Westchester LA Pickleball guarantees an exceptional experience, with open play opportunities and tournaments catering to both beginner and advanced pickleball enthusiasts.

Cheviot Hills Tennis Center

Managed by the City of Los Angeles Department of Recreation and Parks, Cheviot Hills Tennis Center offers a total of 14 tennis courts, including 4 dedicated outdoor pickleball courts. While Pay Tennis involves fees, Open Play courts are accessible for free on a first-come, first-served basis. The facility’s diverse court options aim to accommodate the diverse preferences of pickleball enthusiasts.

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Culver West Alexander Park

Culver West Alexander Park offers a fantastic pickleball experience with its two outdoor courts. The facility provides well-lit courts for extended play, and the best part is, they are free of charge. It’s worth noting that players need to bring their own net and create their own court lines.

Los Angeles Athletic Club

The Los Angeles Athletic Club stands out as an excellent choice for pickleball enthusiasts in the city. Boasting both indoor and outdoor courts, it provides opportunities for year-round play. You can choose from different membership options at the club to find the one that suits your preferences. Beyond pickleball, the facility provides additional amenities such as locker rooms, showers, and a pro shop for a comprehensive recreational experience.

Play Pickleball Los Angeles At The Los Angeles Athletic Club


In conclusion, the thriving pickleball scene in Los Angeles offers enthusiasts a variety of exceptional court options to hone their skills and enjoy this rapidly growing sport. Whether you prefer the premier facilities at Westchester Tennis Center, the free-to-access courts at Cheviot Hills Tennis Center and Culver West Alexander Park, or the year-round opportunities at the Los Angeles Athletic Club, the city caters to pickleball players of all levels.

The inclusive and diverse nature of pickleball makes it an ideal sport for Angelenos of all ages. So, grab your paddle, find a court that suits your preferences, and join the exciting world of Pickleball Courts Los Angeles.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I reserve pickleball courts in Los Angeles?

Reserving pickleball courts in Los Angeles depends on the location. Some facilities offer reservation systems online or through phone calls, while others operate on a first-come, first-served basis. It is advisable to contact the venue directly or check their website for information regarding reservations, if available.

Are pickleball lessons or clinics offered at the courts in Los Angeles?

Yes, many locations in Los Angeles offer pickleball lessons and clinics for players of all skill levels. These lessons may be provided by instructors or local pickleball clubs. Check with the facility or local pickleball associations for details on lesson availability, schedules, and fees.

Can I rent equipment at the Los Angeles Athletic Club for a one-time game?

Yes, the Los Angeles Athletic Club provides the option to rent equipment for a one-time game. This is convenient for individuals who may not have their own pickleball gear and want to try out the sport without committing to a full set of equipment.

Are there organized pickleball leagues at Cheviot Hills Tennis Center?

Yes, Cheviot Hills Tennis Center organizes pickleball leagues for players interested in more structured and competitive play. Participants can join leagues suitable for their skill level, adding an extra layer of excitement to their pickleball experience.