Indoor Pickleball Courts in Minneapolis

Minneapolis, known for its vibrant sports scene, offers a variety of recreational activities for its residents and visitors. One such popular activity is pickleball, a paddle sport that combines elements of tennis, badminton, and table tennis. Pickleball can be played both indoors and outdoors, but indoor facilities are particularly appealing for those looking to play year-round, no matter the weather conditions. In this blog post, we will explore some of the indoor pickleball courts in Minneapolis.

Indoor Pickleball Courts in Minneapolis

1. XYZ Sports Center

The XYZ Sports Center, located in the heart of Minneapolis, boasts state-of-the-art indoor pickleball courts. With its spacious and well-maintained facilities, this center offers pickleball enthusiasts a fantastic place to play during all seasons.

The courts are equipped with high-quality flooring, proper lighting, and adjustable nets to accommodate players of all skill levels. Additionally, the center provides professional training sessions and organizes tournaments, allowing players to improve their skills and compete with fellow enthusiasts.

2. ABC Recreation Club

The ABC Recreation Club, situated in a convenient location in Minneapolis, is another excellent option for indoor pickleball. This club features multiple pristine courts dedicated to pickleball, ensuring that players have ample space to enjoy the game.

The club offers a friendly and welcoming environment for players of all ages and skill levels. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced player, you will find a suitable match at the ABC Recreation Club. They also have qualified instructors who provide lessons and clinics to help players improve their techniques.

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3. Minneapolis Community Center

If you prefer playing pickleball in a community-focused setting, the Minneapolis Community Center is an ideal choice. This center offers indoor pickleball courts that are open to both members and non-members. Whether you are a resident or just visiting the city, you can easily access these courts and join in on a game.

The Minneapolis Community Center consistently promotes a welcoming atmosphere, encouraging players to socialize and make new connections through the sport. It’s a great place to enjoy pickleball while fostering a sense of community.

4. RST Athletic Complex

The RST Athletic Complex is a premier sports facility that provides indoor pickleball courts alongside various other sports amenities. This complex offers well-maintained courts with excellent lighting and spacious playing areas.

Whether you want to play casually with friends or participate in competitive leagues, RST Athletic Complex has you covered. In addition to pickleball, the facility offers other recreational activities, making it an ideal destination for a day filled with sports and fun.

Indoor Pickleball Courts Minneapolis


Indoor pickleball courts in Minneapolis provide a fantastic opportunity to enjoy this popular sport year-round, regardless of the weather. Whether you prefer professional-grade facilities or a community-oriented atmosphere, there are various venues to suit your playing preferences.

The XYZ Sports Center, ABC Recreation Club, Minneapolis Community Center, and RST Athletic Complex are just a few examples of the excellent indoor pickleball court options available in Minneapolis. So, gather your friends, grab your paddles, and head to these facilities for a thrilling game of pickleball!

Frequently Asked Questions

2. Are these indoor pickleball courts available for public use?

Yes, many of the indoor pickleball courts in Minneapolis are open to the public. However, some facilities may have specific hours or require reservations, so it’s always recommended to check beforehand.

3. Do I need my own equipment to play indoor pickleball?

While some facilities provide equipment, it’s generally recommended that players bring their own paddle and wear appropriate athletic shoes. Consider checking with the specific facility you plan to visit to confirm their equipment policy.

4. Are there any membership fees or court rental charges?

The cost of using indoor pickleball courts in Minneapolis can vary depending on the facility. Some places offer drop-in rates, while others require a membership or court rental fees. It’s best to inquire directly with the facility regarding their pricing structure.

5. Can I join leagues or participate in tournaments at these indoor pickleball courts?

Absolutely! Many facilities in Minneapolis organize pickleball leagues and tournaments for players of all skill levels. These events provide a great opportunity to improve your game, meet fellow enthusiasts, and compete in a fun and friendly environment. Contact the specific facilities to learn more about their leagues and tournaments.