Advanced Pickleball Drills: Master The Game

Pickleball is a fun and fast-paced sport that combines elements of tennis, badminton, and ping pong. As players develop their skills, they may find themselves looking for Advanced Pickleball Drills to enhance their performance on the court. In this article, we will explore several advanced pickleball drills that can take your game to the next level.

Drill 1: Cross-Court Dinking

This Advanced Pickleball Drills focuses on improving accuracy and control during dinking exchanges. Divide the court into two halves using a piece of tape or cones. Start at the non-volley zone and aim to hit the ball diagonally to the opposite non-volley zone on the other side of the court. Alternate between forehand and backhand shots and try to keep the ball low over the net.

Advanced Pickleball Drills

Key Points:

  • – Keep a soft grip on the paddle to maintain control
  • – Use a gentle wrist flick to guide the ball
  • – Focus on accuracy rather than power

Practice this drill for at least 15 minutes per session, gradually increasing the pace and intensity as you become more comfortable with your shots.

Drill 2: Lob and Smash

This drill helps develop strategic decision-making and aggressive shot execution. Divide players into two teams and designate one player from each team as the “lobber” and the other as the “smasher.” The lobber starts by hitting a high, arcing shot (lob) over the opponent’s heads, aiming for the back baseline. The smasher must then position themselves to create an opportunity for a powerful overhead smash.

Key Points:

  • – The lobber should aim to hit the ball deep and towards the corners
  • – The smasher needs to anticipate the lob and be ready to move quickly
  • – The smasher should focus on proper form and timing for an effective smash

Switch roles after each successful smash, allowing both players to practice their lobbing and smashing skills. This Advanced Pickleball Drills helps improve communication, teamwork, and shot selection.

Drill 3: Fast-Paced Volleys

Volleys are an essential part of pickleball, and practicing fast-paced volleys can significantly enhance your reaction time and hand-eye coordination. Stand at the non-volley zone and have a partner feed you rapid-fire shots. Engage in a volley exchange, keeping the ball in play as long as possible. The goal is to increase the speed and intensity of the volleys while maintaining control.

Key Points:

  • – Maintain a ready position with knees slightly bent
  • – Stay light on your feet to quickly adjust and react to shots
  • – Focus on a compact swing and keeping the ball low over the net

Start with slower volleys and gradually increase the pace over time. This drill is excellent for improving reflexes, hand speed, and overall volleying skills.

Pickleball Drills


By incorporating these advanced pickleball drills into your training regimen, you can refine your skills and take your game to new heights. Whether you are focusing on dinking, strategic shots, or quick volleys, consistent practice and dedication are key to becoming an advanced pickleball player. Remember to always warm up before drills and have fun while challenging yourself to improve.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What are some advanced drills to improve my forehand in pickleball?

A1: Some advanced pickleball drills to enhance your forehand include cross-court drives, inside-out forehands, deep lobs, and dink and drop shots. These drills will help you develop power, accuracy, and control on your forehand side.

Q2: How can I improve my backhand technique in pickleball?

A2: To improve your backhand technique in pickleball, try drills such as backhand drives, two-handed backhands, cross-court backhands, and backhand volleys. These drills will help strengthen your backhand stroke and improve your overall backhand play.

Q3: What are some drills to work on my dinking skills in pickleball?

A3: To enhance your dinking skills in pickleball, you can try drills like the kitchen line drill, cross-court dinking drill, soft touch drill, or the mini tennis drill. These exercises will help develop your touch, finesse, and control in the kitchen area.

Q4: How can I improve my overall agility and footwork in pickleball?

A4: Improving your agility and footwork in pickleball can be achieved through drills such as the ladder footwork drill, shuffle and split step drill, zigzag drill, or the ghosting drill. These exercises will enhance your quickness, agility, and court coverage, enabling you to react faster and move more efficiently on the court.

Q5: What drills can I practice to improve my third shot drop in pickleball?

A5: To enhance your third shot drop in pickleball, you can work on drills like the drop shot rally drill, the lob and drop shot drill, the serve and return drill, or the third shot challenge drill. These drills will help you develop soft touch, accuracy, and placement for effective third shot drops.

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